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Accelerate your brand.


Do you have an invention, product or other innovative creation that you want to crowdfund? We can help you go from nothing to looking professional and trustworthy. Within six-to-eight weeks we will have you ready with a campaign sure to reach your target audience.


Have a new product you want to promote and sell? We will manage everything from understanding your audience and product to creating the naming, logo and marketing materials. This includes a website, writing, videography, photography, and help with your launch – all within six-to-eight weeks.


We have been branding businesses for over 25 years. We are the most qualified and the only nationally-certified branding and graphic design company in Northern BC. By hiring just one company to manage everything you need, we make it easy and take the stress out of the process.

Praise from Sterling

“Thank you for all the time and help you and everybody has put in. The positive feedback from everyone confirmed the need and desire for the Q-Plug. The branding and marketing materials have the product, and my company, occur as professional and trustworthy. All the efforts have got me in front of people that can help me get to the next stage.”

Our process

Every stage is customizable to the clients’ specific needs. Depending on the scope of work, everything can be created within 6-8 weeks.


  • Discovery meeting
  • Brainstorms
  • Market research
  • Audience understanding
  • Interviews (staff and clients)


  • Naming
  • Logo
  • Graphics
  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Website
  • Marketing materials (stationery, brochures, digital ads, banners, signage, swag, and more)


  • Populate Crowdfunding page (if needed)
  • Launch website
  • Unify social media design
  • Facebook advertising
  • Product and brand launch

Why people hire us



No need to worry about managing a team, you have one contact person taking care of the entire process.


We believe that teamwork is an essential component to get the best experience possible.


Pushing through the expected to arrive at something exciting and meaningful.


Everything has a reason. Every detail must resonate with the target audience.


25 years of graphic design, brand creation, and team and client management experience.


Our egos do not get in the way of success.

Potential funding

You may be eligible for funding through Northern Development Initiative Trust. Contact them to find out more.

Accelerate your brand. Contact us.

Let’s discuss your needs and see how we can be of service. Drop us an email or call Matt at 1.778.908.7741 to discuss how we can help you accelerate your brand.

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